The City of Los Angeles and Partners invite you to TEAM WITH the City

Due to limited space, exhibitor applicants will be subject to approval to those that are relevant to the event.

Register to participate in the 4th Annual BuildWith Construction Networking Expo brought to you by Mayor Eric Garcetti's Office of Budget & Innovation and Office of Economic Development, the Board of Public Works and the Bureau of Contract Administration.

BuildWith provides the opportunity for diverse construction-related businesses to make connections with prime contractors, City Departments, public agencies and business resources.

AccessingLA-BuildWith is a networking event focused on construction and construction support services. It is an opportunity for subcontractors to meet exhibitors made up of general contractors, City of LA Departments, other public agency representatives and business resources.

Accessing LA attendees are usually small business owners/subcontractors seeking to work with prime contractors, mid-level primes and public agencies.

The attendees will have a chance to make connections, network with each other and get information on procurement opportunities. Attendees whose 6-digit NAICS codes match with what prime contractors are seeking, MAY get a chance for a one-on-one appointment. Attendees interested in matchmaking must register BEFORE February 13, 2020. Registration AFTER February 13, 2020 will NOT have a matchmaking option.

Prime Contractors that register for matchmaking will receive the advantage of appointments with small businesses that meet their selected criteria based on 6-digit NAICS codes. In addition, the prime contractor MAY qualify for a waiver of the City of Los Angeles BIP PreBid/Pre-Submittal meeting outreach requirement for one year from the date of the event. This would apply for (non-Proprietary) City of LA Department bids including Public Works, General Services, Recreation & Parks, etc.


By submitting my registration, I grant and authorize the City of Los Angeles and its representatives, the irrevocable right to take, edit, alter, reproduce, exhibit, publish, distribute and make use of any and all pictures, statements or video taken of me at this event, to be used in and/or for legally promotional materials, including but not limited to any and all print and digital communications, without restriction or compensation. This authorization extends to all languages, media, formats and markets now known or hereafter devised. I hereby hold harmless and release the City of LA, its agents, employees and legal representatives from all claims and liability relating to said images, statements or video.


Accessing LA, the City of Los Angeles’ premier flagship networking program, brings together the collaboration between Mayor Garcetti’s Office of Economic Development, various Council offices, the Office of Procurement, and the Department of Public Works. Each of the three series has a particular emphasis that brings together several City departments, public agencies, and contractor (both primes and subcontractors).

Accessing LA’s aim is to provide opportunities for meaningful relationships, valuable perspectives and an abundance of resources to promote economic development and contracting with the City of Los Angeles. The Accessing LA events create a dynamic tight-knit community for those who want to do business with the city and other public agencies in the greater Los Angeles area.

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Prime Requirements for One-Year Pre-Bid Meeting Exemption for City of LA

Based on Participation in 2020 BuildWith Matchmaking Event

How does a firm qualify for a Waiver of the City of Los Angeles BIP Pre-Bid/PreSubmittal meeting outreach requirement?

A prime contractor MAY qualify for a Waiver of the BIP Pre-Bid/Pre-Submittal meeting outreach requirement after it fulfills ALL three:

This waiver will be effective for a period of 1 year from the date of the event and may apply to any BIP required contracting opportunities that require outreach to the NAICS codes wherein the prime matched with a sub-contractor.

It is the responsibility of the prime/proposer to inform the Awarding Authority/City Department in writing of their request for a waiver. If necessary, the Awarding Authority may contact the Business Inclusion Section for further information at Please note that if the RFB/RFQ/RFP states that the pre-bid/presubmittal meeting is mandatory, then attendance at the pre-bid/pre-submittal meeting is the only way to pass the BIP Pre-Bid/Pre-Submittal meeting indicator. It is highly encouraged that your request for a waiver from the Awarding Authority be submitted well in advance of the meeting. This is recommended so that you can receive notification of the waiver approval or denial before the meeting takes place


Matchmaking events are all about making connections and beginning relationships.

Small businesses are paired to meet one-on-one with Prime Contractors and Public Agencies seeking to do business with specific types of companies.

All construction related companies are encouraged to attend. This includes construction trades, in addition to architecture, design, engineering, landscaping, surveying & mapping, construction management, professional services and environmental consulting.

The City has invited Prime Contractors, large Architecture and Engineering firms from throughout LA County to participate in the matchmaking appointments.

During the online registration process, each Small Business is required to enter the keywords, NAICS and SIC codes that describe the type of services/products they provide. Each Prime Contractor and Public Agency will enter the type of companies they have a preference to meet with based on their upcoming project schedule. The online matchmaking software will strategically assign appointments based on the needs of the Prime Contractor and Public Agencies to ensure the attendees are not incompatible.

Think of it like speed dating for business. Each appointment is 10 minutes, allowing the small business an opportunity to introduce their company, highlight their experience and engage in a conversation about how to become a contractor with the Prime Contractor or Public Agency. You should bring a copy of your statement of capabilities with you to share with the prime contractors.

Currently, the maximum number of appointments a small business will be paired with is four. However, this number can increase depending on the additional Prime Contractors and Public Agencies that register to participate in the event. Please note that appointments are based solely on the needs indicated by the Prime Contractors and Public Agencies. If your specific services are not in high demand by the Prime Contractors and Public Agencies in attendance there is a possibility that you can be matched with less than four appointments.

Most of the Prime Contractors and all of the Public Agencies will have a table in the exhibit area where representatives will be available to answer general questions. And, if on your registration profile you check the box giving us permission to share your contact information we will distribute it to all the Prime Contractors in attendance.

The deadline to register for matchmaking appointments is February 20th. Matchmaking appointments will be emailed by the close of business on February 25th to allow small businesses time to prepare for their meetings.

Yes. You should register under General Admission where you will have the ability to meet with representatives from the different Public Agencies and Prime Contractors who have representatives in the exhibit area. You may also benefit from the morning program where you will learn about available resources to support your business in addition to highlights on specific upcoming City projects.

In an effort to increase the City’s utilization of Local, Small, Minority, Women, and Disabled Veteran owned businesses, they are hosting an event to invite the procurement/contracting staff from City Department’s in addition to other public agencies to assist with building relationships with small businesses in the construction industry.

Yes. All construction-related companies are welcome to attend regardless of whether they qualify for a specific certification. However, there will be several public agency offices in attendance with representatives on hand to assist you with the certification process if you want to apply on-site.

No. All construction-related companies are welcome to attend.

No. These firms work on both public and private projects.

No. All types of contactors are invited to attend.

When attending a matchmaking event, your goal should not be to walk out the door with a contract in hand. Small business goals should include making a good impression, connecting on a personal level, and scheduling a follow-up phone call or meeting with the Prime Contractor or Public Agency representative.

Prime Contractors will receive the advantage of pre-screened appointments with small businesses that meet their selected criteria based on 6-Digit NAICS codes.

In addition, a prime contractor MAY qualify for a waiver of the City of Los Angeles Business Inclusion Program (BIP) Pre-Bid/Pre-Submittal Meeting outreach equirement for one year from the date of the event. This would apply for any (non-Proprietary) City of LA Department bids including Public Works, General Services, Recreation & Parks, etc.

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